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Pump, Pump, Pump It Up!

Published June 20, 2013 by Gay Free Fun

Turning up the volume on your penis size

I have been really intrigued about penis pumping for years. I even went to a few gay pride festivals and saw, with my own eyes, just what penis pumping, twisting, pulling and piercing can do – and I love it! I really think that aesthetically it generally looks really good.

penis strectch | jizzroulette penis piercing | jizzroulette

I can already hear some angry small penis bearers getting their panties in a bunch because I openly like the idea of penis pumping, but here’s the truth – I have a small to average size package myself. So believe me, I know that I am able to stun even the most sceptical with my average size because what I lack in size I make up for in quality sex techniques. But still, that doesn’t change the way I feel about looking at a big, beautiful package.

The way I see it, until the popularization of penis pumps, women and cross-dressers got to have all the fun. I mean they could alter their looks and make themselves look even more attractive by wearing makeup and high heels to enhance their natural beauty. Penis pumps give us guys a chance to do something fun and dress up our penis a bit, and that’s cool.

I’ve been looking for some info to get started in my penis enlarging efforts using a pump. I don’t personally know that many reliable sources that I could go to about this. As weird as this is going to sound it’s somehow easier to write about this stuff and share it with you guys rather than asking my buddies, “Hey, have you ever used a penis pump?”

I asked one acquaintance of mine but he took it as an insult. He fell over himself explaining that he didn’t need it and that he’s always been well hung without any help. Okay buddy, thanks for the help!

This is why I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you good people. I’m planning to start using the pump this weekend as a little sexy surprise treat to turn up the heat for my partner’s birthday. When he opens his gift and then my bigger gift I want him to be stunned by the size and beauty of my cock (and yes I will probably play Joe Budden’s “Pump It Up”, lol!).

Step 1: So, for starters I thought that I would only need a penis pump, but it turns out that there are several materials to get started. Here’s the quick list: penis pump, cock rings and lube (either water based or oil). In regards to the lube if the pumping is being done in a waterless place then water based is best. If however the pumping is done in the shower or some other wet environment, then the lube used should be oil based. For other helpful hints I would check out this guy’s blog that helped me a lot.

penis pump | jizzroulette cock bearing | jizzrouletteSwiss Navy Perfume | jizzroulette

Step 2: Take pictures or measurements before starting to document your growth and see if the pump is working. Apparently if done right, penis pumping actually feels great – double bonus!

digital camera | jizzroulette rule | jizzroulette

Step 3: Start using your pump about 3 weeks in advance of that date that you want to see results. The information varies for each product, but to me one week sounds unrealistic and if I average out amongst several pumps I would say anyone can see results in 3 weeks. When you start, you have to be dedicated and pump every day. Like I said, I read that if you’re doing it right, it should feel great!

Step 4: Don’t be overly ambitious. If you checked out that dude’s blog I mentioned earlier, there can be some painful side effects of being an overly ambitious pumper. Use lots of lube cause you’ve got to pamper your main man, and pump it up twice a day, aiming for growth of about a .25 inch every 2-3 weeks.

Step 5: If you’re pumping for a special occasion, lube up, pump it and lock it with a cock ring. A cock ring can work wonders by slowing the blood flow back to the rest of your body, and keeping the intensity where it needs to be: in the mighty sword.

weird cockring | jizzroulette hat and neck clip | jizzroulette

I’m hoping to find a cock ring that has a little bowtie on it and a matching miniature top hat for my guy’s b-day (it’s kind of an inside joke between us two). I don’t know why but somehow laughter is a big turn on with us – good match I guess! So, that’s pretty much, in a nut shell, exactly the steps I plan on following to prepare for the epic b-day surprise. Wish me luck!

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