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Published March 21, 2013 by Gay Free Fun

Just like there’s a list for Americas most beautiful people there is also a list for America’s most powerful and influential gay people of America. On this list we are lucky to have some of the most prominent and respected people on the planet from every kind of field including entertainers, politicians and entrepreneurs who impact the way others live. 


Out magazine has concocted a list of 50 which I have chosen the top 5 most powerful gay people according to my own personal choice. These are the people who have indirectly affected, changed or bettered my life and that of others through their beliefs, choices and involvements.

Tim Cook Gay Apple

Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook is not one to share his personal life. There is no official record of him coming out but the gay community seems to have had the info from a secure source. He wouldn’t be on OUT magazines list if he wasn’t.

After the death of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook took over the now largest technological company in the world and has become one of the most influential gay men on the planet. His path is paved with work and dedication and his life and career are an example for us all. To have a gay man in such an important position is just proof that you can achieve what you want whatever your sexual orientation.



Ellen Degeneres Awesome Collage

Ellen Degeneres Awesome Collage

Ellen DeGeneres is definitely on the top of my list. I have been watching her shows (when I could) ever since I was a kid. I’ve always loved her, for her personality, her strong faith in things she believes in and her always present humour.

Through-out her career she has won thirteen Emmys and many other awards for her numerous charitable efforts. She is definitely one of the most influential women on this planet putting aside her sexuality. She is and will always be an enormous part of the entertainment industry she has proven her place and her worth a long time ago and is respected by all whatever her life choices are.

Ellen has a special place in my heart because she is one of the first that I can remember who publicly came out and assumed her sexuality. When people where scared of coming forward with whom they really were, Ellen was not afraid. She knew who she was and didn’t care what others thought and has encouraged others to do the same. Even her mother supports the cause by being an official spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign’s Coming out Project. Ellen is very deserving in her spot as one of the most prominent and influential gay persons of America and will keep the world on their toes with her work, her comedy, her support and her charitable efforts. 


Anderson Cooper Suit and Glasses

Anderson Cooper Suit and Glasses

What can I say about Anderson Cooper besides that this incredible man has worked very hard his whole life to make it to where he is now? His path is paved with trials and errors and not once did that stop him. He took his life into his own hands and made himself who he is today, one of the most influential gay persons in America.

After graduating from Yale University and having many doors shut in his face Anderson made his way as a fact checker for a small news agency “Channel One” who produced a youth oriented news program. He then decided to ask a friend to help him out and create a fake press pass that he used to fake his way into Myanmar on his own and meet with students fighting the Burmese government. He then sold his news segments to Channel One and that was the beginning of a long and great career.

Today, Anderson Cooper’s career is one to be jealous of. His exploits and his implications in the society are outstanding. No wonder OUT magazine has placed him in the top 10 most influential people for many years in a row, he simply is. 


Ryan Murphy Gay Pictures

This producer, film writer, screen writer and director is in my top 5 most influential people because of his enormous work and influence on many TV shows and movies that have had a positive impact in their respective fields. He is the creator of the award winning show Nip-Tuck which has been an enormous success through the years. He is also co-directing the musical-comedy-drama Glee which of course we all know is one of the best shows on air and is now embarking on their 4th season after the incredible feedback, critiques and of course record nineteen nominations for Outstanding Comedy series. These are only two of the amazing projects Ryan has put his signature on and I’m so excited to see what’s coming next because whatever he touches seems to turn into gold.

Ryan is openly gay and married to a photographer named David Miller and they live happily with their son Logan. Just goes to show that there is no shame in being who you are and that what counts is talent and perseverance.



Neil Patrick Harris Awesome Collage

Ah Neil, my favorite of them all. Plays an over the top Macho on “How I met your mother” but is totally the opposite of a womaniser! I love his smile, his humour and of course everything about him. I remember the day I saw him naked on the show I remember dreaming about him for week’s maybe even months. He makes me laugh every time and now one could guess by looking at him that he is gay.  Just prove how much of a great actor he really is. He can make you believe anything, his talent is extraordinary.

Neil is a respected member of the artistic and gay community. His career started a long time ago when he was discovered in a drama camp while he was just a child. He later went on to play a teen genius in Doogie Howser, M.D.  where his ascension to fame officially started to bloom.  From then on the roles just got better and so did his talent. He is now one of the most sought out and reputable actors in the entertainment industry and open and proud about his sexual orientation. Neil Patrick Harris’s success story makes him one of the top contenders for the most powerful and influential gay people of America and that is why he has gracefully made his way to my top 5 of the most prominent gay people in America. 

Making your way to the top has nothing to do with who you sleep with, but it has everything to do with the path you choose, the talent, the implications and the overall personality and persona you exude. The above 5 celebrities are the living proof that if you work long and hard you can make it to the top and influence the way people think even if you are gay and proud. These 5 people not only have amazing careers but they send out a positive message to the world and try and make a difference. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for being who they are and for making the world a better, friendlier, and a more open-minded place. Let’s hope that the path they paved will open the road for others to walk on. 

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