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Josh Ritter’s Facebook Drama

Published June 16, 2013 by Gay Free Fun

Why he’s staying away from Messiah College

Josh Ritter | Gayfreefun

Wait a second, who in the world is Josh Ritter, anyways? Good question. Ritter is an American folk-rock singer-songwriter. Releasing his first album in 1999 the artist continues to gain attention having been named one of the 100 Greatest Living Songwriters by Paste Magazine back in 2006. As of late, Ritter is making news over his protest against Messiah College, a private Christian college and their anti-gay policy.

Ritter was invited to play at the Christian college as their Student Activities Board invites pop-culture artists for the purpose of entertainment. Over the past few years artists and bands have been hosted at the college such as  Bob Dylan, Counting Crows, Katy Perry, Chiddy Bang, Fun., Jack’s Mannequin, Ingrid Michaelson, Owl City, Brand New, Guster, Janelle Monáe, and Conor Oberst to name a few. 

Ritter can now add his name to the list, though I think he’d prefer if it weren’t there at all. Apparently after reaching Messiah College, he found out about the “Community Covenant” that all of their students are obligated to sign which includes homophobic content. Here’s what Ritter had to say about the college and their “Community Covenant”:

“…Today I was [in] Grantham, Pennsylvania, at Messiah College, and as I was doing a little digging about the place[.] I learned something that surprised and disappointed me.

Messiah College requires all students to sign a ‘Community Covenant’ promising to, among other things, ‘avoid such sinful practices as…homosexual behavior….’

This policy, which I see as exclusionary and bigoted, could not run more counter to my personal beliefs. If I had done my homework, and read about Messiah’s policies ahead of time, I would never have agreed to play there…”

Ritter did however play his show that night at the college and took the opportunity to talk to the students to “…encourage them to seek openness and change…”

While many have been quick to get out of their seats and applaud this grand jester, I for one will remain seated. Ritter knows that as a performer he is an influential figure for his fans and spectators which why when he sees something wrong, he speaks his mind.

The problem here is that Ritter is sending a mixed message, and comments on only a fraction of the information. First of all, let’s have a closer look at the “Community Covenant”.

community covenant

Under the heading Practical Implication and sub header entitled Scriptural Guidelines the college specifies some school expectations. The Christian college bases these rules on teachings from the bible which discourage any secular activities when they write: “…In contrast, we are to avoid such sinful practices as drunkenness, stealing, dishonesty, profanity, occult practices, sexual intercourse outside of marriage, homosexual behavior, and sexually exploitative or abusive behavior…”

Messiah Colege sign | jizzrouletteholy bible | gayfreefun

While I don’t personally agree with several of these restrictions, Ritter acknowledges the obvious problem with asking students to choose between their faith and their sexual orientation and habits in enforcing this document. So I have just a few questions for Ritter, if he against these rules, why does he choose to close the students off to his positive encouragements? If the college is open to have him perform at their college, shouldn’t he welcome to opportunity to be a positive influence?

Asking other artists to stay away from the college so that the students are less exposed to non-secular ideas will only cement old ideas and create a very homogenous flow of thought. It’s absurd that Ritter is complaining about closed minded people to which, he reacts by closing his eyes to others. Ritter, if you really care about the gay community, don’t turn your back on all of those students who need to hear from you. Make a difference by cutting all the drama and continuing to reach out to those students.


5 Reasons Why Condoms should be used in the Porn Industry

Published June 10, 2013 by Gay Free Fun

Support our right to safe-sex

Why use the condoms in the porn industryI just heard about a very smart proposal that has come from the good people in Sacramento, California that would require that all porn actors wear condoms and other protective gear. Now the porn industry is getting their panties in a bunch because they don’t want to impose condoms and infringe upon the open creativity of their lovely pornstars. Look, I don’t know what they’re referring to when they say “other protective gear” is, but if you want my reaction on condoms in porn, I’m all smiles!

I personally love using condoms. I love the different colours, flavours, sensations and smells. I love the feel, I love the taste… essentially I’m what you could call a rubber lover. So it really ruins my mood when I have to convince my partners to put one on. Seriously, it’s a big turn off.

Aside from the obvious reasons of protecting my body and my partner respecting that, like I said I love rubbers …maybe I have a latex fetish…but that’s another subject entirely. What I’m talking about here are condoms and why I would be – so over the moon if everyone jumped on the bandwagon with me! If the porn industry used condoms on camera, there’s no doubt in my mind that more people would use condoms. It would make this world would be a better place. For real, at the top of my head I can think of 5 reasons why the porn industry should move into the future making porn condom strong.

  1. heart condomPeople would love using condoms! Let’s face it, condoms successfully deter a whole lot of nasty things that can be spread by having sex. So if everyone used condoms all the time – POOF! – There would be no more awkward moments of conversation with the person you’re hooking up with. It would simply be a question of putting on the glove and then get straight to the sexy part. And I do love that sex part!

  1. Condoms would become cheaper. I’m not the top economist or anything, but anyone who’s taken even your most basic economics class understands how supply and demand effect prices. Right now the global production of condoms is 15 billion units each year while only 750 million are being used. That means that there’s a whole lot of condoms that aren’t being used according to the projected amount. So if everyone started using condoms, the price would go down since the supply would no longer be exceeding demand if you consider that there’s over 7 billion people on earth… that means that people are either not using condoms that much or they are not having enough sex!

money savings
  1. Delay the heavy relationship talk. You know what I’m talking about. It’s when you meet that guy that makes you believe in couples again. You look into his eyes and you see your whole future together stretching out into infinity… yeah, that’s the first week of wonder-lust-drug-love but you don’t want to let him know how deep you’ve fallen… not right away anyways. So you cut off your little toy on the side, but has he? You don’t know and it’s too early to ask, and everything’s going so well you don’t want to ruin it, right? Then don’t. Keep using condoms and like the wise Bob Marley said, everything’s gonna be alright.
beginning relationship
  1. condom magic trickCondom Scientists. If everyone starts wearing condoms, can you imagine the customization that might start happening? I know I’m a big fan of latex, but maybe that’s just because I’ve only ever compared latex to sheepskin (which by the way smells as good as it sounds – ewe!). But maybe there’s some other type of rubber we could end up playing with different designs… Ooo like this little beauty I found. Who knows where it could lead?

  1. Novelty condom wear. While I’m on the subject or original and unique condoms, let’s take it one step further! What if they started making all kinds of different condoms? Like a condom that could disguise the whole package, balls and all. I’ll tell you something, that would be just about the best damn game of Guess Who ever!
funny nose and glasses

What I’m trying to say is that condoms are great fun and they also keep me safe so that I can keep having sex that keeps up with my lifestyle. Whatever the porn industry chooses, I just hope that they continue to protect their actors so that they can keep delivering deliciously sexy times.

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